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Ultralight Hiking

Jugglebutton's World - Hiking

KISKIL Outdoors

Lightload Towels - Lightload Towels are the only towels that are survival tools. Our beach towels are the only ones that fit in a pocket. Use them in first aid as a firestarter, wind scarf and much more. They are biodegradable by incineration and compost.

Lightload Towels - Purchase the lightest, most versatile, multipurpose, biodegradable, and superabsorbent towels - that should be the part of your hiking, backpacking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Lightweight Backpacking - Information and Gear Comparisons

LW Gear


MontBell America


Onestep's Ultralight Backpacking Resource - Ultralight backpacking techniques that have allowed me to reduce my pack weight to 10 pounds. Gear list, and links, of the items I carry while section-hiking the Appalachian Trail are included.

Only The Lightest - Lighten your pack as much as 50% without sacrificing comfort or convenience. We choose gear on the basis of weight, quality, and efficiency. The greatest weight savings can be made on your pack, tent, sleeping bag, and clothing, but cutting weight on every piece of gear adds up. With full gear and food and water, you can carry under 20 pounds for a 3-day trip.

Pepper Spray For Hikers - Snow & Hiking Information

Risk's Untralight Hiking


Scouting Resources from a Florida Bobwhite - Scouting resources, games and projects. Compass use, knot tying, alcohol stoves, Central Florida trail maps. - Lightweight backpacking for beginners and experts.

SGT Rock's Hiking H.Q. - SGT Rock's Hiking H.Q. is designed to share some of the things I've learned about hiking and backpacking through firsthand knowledge. I include gear reviews, techniques, recipes, etc. that I personnally have used.

Smoky Mountain Llama Treks

Southwest Ultralight Backpacking - Will and Janet keep it simple and keep it light. With a focus on the Southwestern US, their website provides lots of information for getting started in ultralight backpacking. There is extensive information on ultralight principles and techniques, gear options, food and cooking, backcountry safety and ethics, plus links to other resources.

Speed of Ultralight Gear

Tarptent Ultralight Shelters

The Canadian Rockies - A guide to mountain safety, trail etiquette, hiking gear, selected hikes, scrambles, and climbs in the Canadian Rockies.

The Dirtbagger's Deluxe

The Lightweight Backpacker

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