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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this site exist?
This site exists to provide the world with a comprehensive directory of web sites relating to promotion of ethical enjoyment and use of the Wilderness. Web sites containing information and descriptions of hikes, locations, trails, gear, tours, and other related hiking or Wilderness information will be the primary content of this site.

What makes this Directory special?
No site or link is ever put up on Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links™ without first being reviewed for quality and applicability by a living, breathing, hiking, human being. In this case, the LinkKeeper spends his free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains. The LinkKeeper also owns and operates his own content-based hiking site which happens to be the flagship site for Peak to Peak. Go ahead and try to find his site listed among the thousands of links listed here at Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links™.

Why a Directory and not a ring?
Because human indexed directories are much more reliable than Rings of Web sites. Rings have breaks in their chains - even with skip a link or skip five links. This list of links makes it easy for you to find current information you want to see.

Why is my hiking/wilderness site listed even though I've never submitted my link?
The Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links™ Web site plans to be the most comprehensive directory of Web sites relating to promotion of ethical enjoyment and use of the Wilderness and sites with information and descriptions of hikes and summits. Because of this we may have already come across your site and have added it to our directory. In other words, we want and need a link to your site for Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links™ to be successful.

Why is my site listed without a description?
Only registered members displaying the Peak to Peak banner will have a description of their site displayed with their listing. See the sections on membership and benefits for more information.

How do I join?
First read the page on membership to see if your site qualifies and then complete the free membership form.

How can I have my site removed from the Peak to Peak site?
Although we can't fathom why you wouldn't want your site to be listed, we will honor your request. Send your request for removal including the URL of your site to the LinkKeeper and the link to your site will be removed within 1 week.


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