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A Free Camping and Backpacking Newsletter - Sign up for our free Outdoors-e-Zine at right now and get a free e-cook book with over 30 recipes for camping and backpacking. Plus get new recipes, tips, advice, articles, and special discounts on camping gear and equipment every two weeks!

Adventure Buddies - Trekking poles reduce knee stress & improve endurance, balance and posture. With correct use, avoid hand/wrist strain and convert energy into an upper body/core workout while enjoying the outdoors! Adventure Buddies website includes lots of trail, pole and wellness tips. Created by the author of the only comprehensive education on how to use poles correctly - an Award-winning DVD. Our Goal: To help people of ALL ages to more safely & completely enjoy life! For hikers, walkers, trekkers & people with balance issues.

Backcountry Experience

Backpacker's Den

Backpackin' - Great reads including articles, blog and reviews about backpacking, hiking and camping, plus serves the reader as a central site for backpacking news, blogs, reviews, advertisements and deals-of-the-day.

Backpacking at Greendrop Lake - Educating new members of the Greendrop Lake Club to teach them to protect and preserve the area around the lake, information on the lake location and how to get to it, plus merchandise, and a links page.

Backpacking Basics: A Guide to Hiking and Wilderness Adventure

Backpacking Canada

Best Camping Gear Reviews

Best Hiking and Camping Tips

Big Sky Fishing.Com - Detailed Montana fishing information, covering all major rivers and lakes in the state. Also provides fishing and hiking information for Glacier National Park. Extensive photo gallery of Montana with more than 600 photos online. Fishing, hiking and camping gear product information. Listings of fishing, hiking and camping books that focus on Montana.

Brawny's Home Page

Camping & Hiking @ - Provides information on consumer products and services related to camping and hiking and its related gear and equipment.

Camping Australia

Camping Equipment Direct - Camping Equipment Direct-Your source for information, articles and suppliers of camping equipment and outdoor gear.

Camping Sleeping Bags - Information site on how to choose the proper sleeping bag. Site includes links to purchase sleeping bags.

Cascade Alpinist

Clever Backpacker

Colorado Outdoor Network - Colorado outdoor recreation made simple

Crocs Wandern & Outdoor

David's Hiking Pages

DealsShoppie Camping Reviews

Discount Camping Gear and Equipment

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